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Our after-sales platform is there to manage all the difficulties you may encounter with Help Secondmanual.io. Problems, questions, cancellation... Contact us and we will take care of everything.


We can be reached by phone, by email or directly on this website.

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What is that?

A professional after-sales service

Why this independent after-sales service site?

Help Secondmanual called upon an independent after-sales service team for more efficiency, quite simply. Help-secondmanual was created to answer your questions and help you as soon as possible. Help-secondmanual has also been designed to terminate your subscription to secondmanual.com easily and at no extra cost.

A professional after-sales service at your service

Help Secondmanual wanted to collaborate with an independent service platform such as Help-secondmanual for a simple reason. Help Secondmanual knows that you can only be truly efficient if you are 100% dedicated to your mission... With Help-secondmanual, Help Secondmanual is sure to provide you with the best possible after-sales service. Our mission is basic, but it is crucial. Help-secondmanual is here to help you in case of problems, and to answer your questions about Help Secondmanual. If you want to cancel your contract, you are also at the right place. If you want to know more about us and our values, click on the link below.

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Our after-sales service will always be available for you!

By phone, by email, or directly on the Help-secondmanual website... We are here to answer your questions and to help you! You can reach us at

By phone at +44 208 0681 598

By mail to [email protected]

Directly on the site via the contact page

About us

A team trained to better accompany you

About us

A team trained to better accompany you

All members of our team are after-sales professionals. At Help-secondmanual we have decided to dedicate ourselves 100% to this important but too often neglected task. Helping and solving customer problems is a noble task, of which we are particularly proud.

Experience shows us on a daily basis, you can't be efficient if you stay in your bubble... In order to help you correctly and to bring you relevant answers, we regularly follow training courses with Help Secondmanual. Recurring problems and questions, cancellation... Help Secondmanual has no secret for us! Contact us at the slightest problem.