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A professional after-sales service platform

Help Secondmanual has decided to use our support platform Help Secondmanual to ensure its after-sales service with a single goal: to offer you the best possible after-sales service. Help Secondmanual knows that after-sales service is not to be taken lightly. You can only do your job well if you are 100% dedicated to it. Our partner has therefore chosen a team specialized in after-sales service. Our experience has taught us how to accompany customers in difficulty. Of course, we are not completely isolated... Help Secondmanual support consultants regularly follow training sessions about Help Secondmanual, in order to bring you the most relevant and complete answers possible.

Only one mission, your satisfaction

Leaving a problem unresolved, leaving a question unanswered, or simply knowing that a customer is not 100% satisfied is not an option with us. If you have any questions or problems regarding Help Secondmanual, please contact Help-secondmanual without further delay by clicking on the link. Help-secondmanual is designed solely to help you. Usage problems, withdrawals, cancellation... We will always find a solution adapted to your situation.

Help-secondmanual is here to help you in your use of Help Secondmanual services. Even if you wish to cancel your subscription, we have made it as easy as possible for you! Go to the Cancellation page with your email address. No need to worry, the cancellation is free and instantaneous.


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Experience shows us daily, speed is an essential quality of a good after-sales service. To save you a maximum of time, at Help-secondmanual we have chosen to create a FAQ. It is directly accessible on this site by clicking on the link below.

You will find all the questions we are most often asked about Help Secondmanual. Samples, waiting time, email address... Some questions come back to us regularly, so let's not wait!

If your question is not in the FAQ, please contact us directly. We will bring you a personalized answer as soon as possible.